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Ignostic Morgan

' God is in a worse position than Scare Crow who had a body to wich a mind could enter whilst He has neither.

"God is that married bachelor and thus cannot exist. No wonder He is ineffable! " I.M

" Life is its own validation and reward and ultimate meaning to which neither God nor the future state can further validate!"
Inquiring Lynn


Monday, April 12, 2010

Without a body, God can neither think nor act as He has no brain and thus no mind! We only know of minds encases in brains. T'is  another it  must be or it might be, a mere guess! No evidence exists for this disembodied being as such.
 Some atheists had the false notion that He had a body, and thus one could in principle find it. Oh, two theologians now claim that He has one. I suppose they mean the Cosmos as that body.
  The weight of evidence notes no intent behind natural causes and explanations such that to affirm Him is to contradict those causes.
 Thus creation evolution obfuscates!
 What do you think, folks?
 I encourage others to read  the blog " Debunking Christianity," and the site " God Is Imaginary," which eviscerates supernaturalism.
 I now dedicate this blog to Sister Chromatid , John Loftus and Doug Krueger. And the last two have written excellent books.
 I welcome inquiring posts!  We fallibilitsts= we who recognize that we might be wrong!

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